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A superior health brand for now and the future

Truvigor is derived from the word Vigor. Originally a natural health brand which aims to enhance human strength and vitality. When Covid-19 is continuously spreading throughout the world, Truvigor upholds the values of health and nature to create a new experience to all of us with the comfort, stylish and effective safety products.

Let's discover the story behind:
As an emerging natural health brand, we are dedicated to pursuing the best natural resources. The ingredients are selected from the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and the purest and most natural herbs in the world. Combining with advanced freeze-drying technology and the exclusive formulas of the R & D team, we are committed to bringing you the natural quality health products to enhance your health and quality of life.

The Source Of Health

Health and nature are the philosophy of Truvigor. We focus on developing natural assets in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia. To produce high quality and high efficacy health products, we combine scientific evidence and traditional herbal wisdom, using the advanced technology to extract and refine the herbs from the forest, which traditionally used for health care by the local indigenous for generations.

In order to satisfy the needs of high quality health products, Truvigor offers a series of quality supplements, all of which are made from natural herbs and are absolutely free of western medicine ingredients and chemical additives.

The Achievement Of Health
Our products are manufactured by Interterk, HACCP, GMP certified factories with advanced plant, packaging equipment and strict production management system. We attach great importance to the quality and efficacy of the pharmaceutical process, using the unique water extraction and freeze-drying technology to preserve the active ingredients and nutritional value of the herbs and prove the high purity of the extracts to achieve the best product efficacy and high quality assurance.
The Creation Of Future

We are devoted to deliver the best product results you are looking for. With rigorous medical attitude, our R & D team strives to develop the highest quality formula and create more high quality and effective health products for your daily health plan.

Healthy and vitality every day!
Truvigor seeks to improve quality of life with innovative technology, we desire to create products that can empower people to live healthy regardless of their surroundings. The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the birth of the protective products made of SMP antibacterial technology. In addition to protective masks, a series of antibacterial products are developed for extra layer of protection to daily life.

SMP is a technology using a dry-heat process forms particles containing silver. All bacteria and viruses have a negative charge and they will be attracted by the positive charge of SMP, thus bacterial movement is restricted and its micro-environment is disrupted, ultimately ending its viability.

SMP Antibacterial Technology kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact, and has been certified by many different laboratories in many countries and regions which include Switzerland, Germany, Australia, China and Hong Kong.
We are not only product creator, but also life changer.

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