Tongkat Ali for Men

Tongkat Ali for Men
Tongkat Ali for Men
Tongkat Ali for Men
Tongkat Ali for Men
Tongkat Ali for Men


Tongkat Ali for Men

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Tongkat Ali is a flowering plant in the family Simaroubaceae, native to Malaysia. The entire plant of the Tongkat Ali trees are rare and high in medicinal-valued herbaceous wild herbs, especially the roots of Tongkat Ali.

Key Benefits:
  • Increased sexuality and sex performance
  • Increased immunity, body-functioning and anti-fatigue
  • Improvement in sperm quality and sperm motility
  • Fighting male prostate disease
  • Increased kidney function
  • Prevents diabetes, Hyperglycemia, Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension

Truvigor uses advanced water extraction and freeze-drying technology to extract the essence, in order to better-preserve the original nutritional value of Tongkat Ali. If your partner is taking “Truvigor Kacip Fatimah” in conjunction with this product, the probability of pregnancy will be greatly increased.

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Ingredients: Each capsule contains 100mg of extracted Tongkat Ali. Experimentation has proved the following two ingredients to be active - Eurycomanone for up to 0.28-0.56% and Saponin for up to 13-16%.

Standard: Vegetarian capsules

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules daily after eating.

Storage: Store it in a cool, dry place (below 30°C). Keep out of reach of children. Close the bottle cap tightly after use.

Shelf life: 3 Years

Origin: Malaysia


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